My Natural Hair Journey

I recently celebrated being natural for 1 year! I made it! 🙂 For a long time, I never thought I could go natural. A part of me felt that my hair would not look right in its natural state. My hair had been relaxed since I was 4 years old and it had always been coarse and “tough” (especially that kitchen lol). Although I always loved the look of my relaxed hair, I started to have a change of heart in 2011.

So many ladies I knew were going natural, and I admired their kinks and curls. I began to do my research, watching numerous YouTube videos and reading articles on the Internet about natural hair care. I mentioned my desire to go natural to a few people, to get their opinions. For the most part, I received positive feedback, although one professional stylist quickly stated that “natural hair wasn’t for everyone and that my hair would break off.” Thank God I didn’t listen to that foolishness!! I immediately refused to receive that negativity! This gave me motivation to prove her wrong!

The Transition Period
My last relaxer was on September 23, 2011. I transitioned for 5 months before doing the “big chop” on February 24, 2012. For the first 10 weeks of my transition, I continued to wear my hair in a bob cut. I soon realized that it was time for something else because I was starting to get a lot of new-growth and I didn’t want to keep flat ironing my hair. I wore Senegalese twists for a couple months. When I took them out, I decided on a whim, to get my relaxed ends cut off. Since my hair had never been that short and since it was a different texture that I wasn’t used to, I still wasn’t sure what to do with it. I didn’t want to walk around looking a mess, so after a week of wearing a beanie, I decided to get more Senegalese twists. I wore the twists for about 6 weeks and decided that I was finally ready to fully embrace my short natural hair. I went to a stylist and got my first twist-out. Immediately, I felt so sassy!



1st professional twist-out

(5 Months Natural)
Although it’s been slightly over a year since my big chop, my hair is still somewhat short, and there haven’t been many styles that I’ve done myself besides twist-outs and fro-hawks (I haven’t learned how to do anything else yet). I do, however, get my hair done for special occasions and times when I want a new look.
9 Months Natural

All in all, I have received nothing but love from other naturals as well as people who aren’t natural. I love the fact that so many women are embracing their natural hair. Since going natural, I have gotten so many compliments on my hair; even on the days when I feel it might not look that great! The only regret I have about going natural is not doing it sooner!

Are you natural? If so, what inspired you to embrace your natural texture?

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