My Short-Lived Protective Style

In July, I decided to try a protective style that I had never tried before: Crochet Braids! For weeks I looked at several videos of crochet styles on YouTube. I decided to use Marley Hair and picked up 3 packs. I got my hair done but unfortunately, had to remove the crochet braids less than 48 hours after my appointment! It was a total bummer!

(With my crochet braids…in happier times lol.)

Long story short, I had an allergic reaction to the hair! (Crazy….I know!) This was a first for me! My scalp was extremely itchy, tender, and sore to the touch! Of course I hated to remove the style after less than 2 days, but I had no other choice. I could no longer tolerate the discomfort. I did take a few pictures before things became unbearable.

(The hair I used)

(Please ignore the dirty mirror, LOL!)

I have used many types of braiding hair for styles that I’ve had in the past (Senegalese Twists, Kinky Twists, and other styles) and have never had an allergic reaction, so I found it odd that this happened. Of course it was my first time using Marley Hair, so I’m not sure if the problem came from the brand of hair or what! Although I wasted my money, it was necessary to take down the style. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? If so, please share your experience!

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  1. June 25, 2014 / 9:41 pm

    This is right on time! I just received some hair in the mail that I'll be using for a protective style. Thanks!

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