Fashionable Work Attire




Shirt- Urban Outfitters; Similar
Pencil Skirt- The Limited; Similar
Gold Mid-Heels- Anthropologie
Cuff- Chico’s
Ring- Charming Charlie

When you think of work-wear, what are your immediate thoughts? I’ll be the first to admit that in the past, I often thought of work attire as boring and drab. It seemed like all I would see were professionals in dark colored business suits. Don’t get me wrong, business suits are okay, but let’s be honest, they can be plain sometimes. Over the years however, I’ve noticed more and more professionals ditching their boring suits and opting for a more fashionable yet professional work attire.

Now I’ll be the first to confess, my work attire mainly consists of clothing in the colors black, white, brown and navy blue. Although I really love these colors, I feel that if you wear them often, it is best to accessorize properly to make the outfit standout because if you don’t, your outfit may appear plain. In addition to accessorizing, another way to make your work attire pop is to add a bright color(s). Incorporating some brightness into your work-wear helps to break up the monotony of an outfit that consists of only neutrals. I love leopard print and consider it a neutral, so I thought it would pair perfectly with this Kelly green pencil skirt.

What are your thoughts on work attire? Do you tend to wear mostly neutrals or do you like to spice things up by adding bold colors? Let me know in the comments below!

* Photos by Laveda McD Photography. *


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