Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress: 5 Tips for Indecisive Brides

For those who have been following my social media, you may know that I recently got married. Today I’m coming with a blog post about my process for finding the perfect wedding dress.

1. Limit yourself to 5 or fewer dress shops.

Finding the perfect wedding dress was an interesting process. Over a two-month period, I went to a total of 5 different places, some small boutiques and some larger wedding retail chains/warehouses. I didn’t want to go to too many stores because the process can become overwhelming and after a while, things start to look the same.

2. Know what dress silhouette looks best on you.

When deciding on my dress I knew I wanted something unique and figure flattering. Since I’m the youngest of 3 girls, I wanted to make sure that my dress was true to my personality and style, while at the same time totally different from my sisters’ dresses. I envisioned myself in a mermaid style fit dress with lace. After a little trial and error, I succeeded in finding a dress that was reflective of me. Knowing what style of dress looked best for my body type really helped me avoid spending unnecessary time trying on other styles that I already knew wouldn’t be flattering.

3. Give yourself a short timeline to find your dress, but start early in case it takes longer than expected.

(This particular tip is for brides who are purchasing gowns from dress shops or boutiques, whether they are being ordered or purchased off the rack.)

I didn’t want to be the bride who took 6 months to a year to find a dress. Since I can be indecisive at times, giving myself a short timeline for dress shopping was best. I wanted to have that part of the wedding planning process done in advance, so that I could focus on other things as I got closer to my wedding day. I set a goal for myself, and after searching for 2 months, I finally found my gown. I ordered my dress on February 23rd, exactly 6 months prior to my wedding date. It took 3 months for it to come in. Shortly after that, I got my dress altered and found the perfect shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Everything pertaining to my wedding day look was completed about 2 months out from my wedding, which gave me ample time to focus on finalizing the last details of my special day.

4. If you want your gown custom made, start the process early.

If you’ve decided to have your gown custom made, I would recommend giving yourself a longer timeline to find your dress. When getting a custom gown, I feel there are more factors to consider, such as finding the perfect person or business to make the gown, deciding on the overall design of the dress, picking out fabrics, and determining how long it will take to make the gown, among many other things. In this case, I would recommend starting shortly after your engagement.

5. Bring 5 or fewer people with you to shop.

I’m sure most women have seen those episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ where brides bring these huge entourages with them shopping, and while they are trying to decide on the perfect gown, everyone likes different dresses and everybody feels the need to voice their opinion. Nobody has time for that! I knew that if put in a similar situation, it would take me a long time to decide on something. To avoid being in that circumstance, I only had 3 people (maximum) with me each time I went dress shopping. That helped me to not be overwhelmed by the entire process.

Are you a bride who is a little bit indecisive? Did you find these tips helpful? If you’re already married, what other tips do you have for brides to be? Let me know in the comments below!


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