Defining My Style: Fit + Feel

Denim Vest- Dillard’s; Similar
T-Shirt- Old Navy; Similar
White Jeans- Old Navy; Similar

My style has definitely changed over the years. In my 20’s, I’d wear whatever I thought was cute and trending at the time. I even would do crazy things like wear painful heels to a basketball game just to look cute (sigh). I’m so glad I’ve outgrown that mindset. Those days are long gone!

As a working woman in my 30’s, I’m more strategic and calculated in deciding what to wear. There are two things that are important to me when getting dressed, fit and feel. I choose clothing that is best for my body type. I only want to wear whatever fits my body in a way that is flattering and showcases my best assets. Additionally, my style choices are mainly based on how I feel in my clothes. I mean, I always want to look pulled-together and stylish, but along with those things, I also want to feel and be comfortable…all the time. That means no clothing that is too tight or makes me feel constricted, and no shoes that are too high or dangerously uncomfortable. Considering those things, I would say that I now describe my style as fashionably casual.

So how do I achieve this fashionably casual style and how do I make it work for all (or most) aspects of my life? I purchase clothes for multiple uses that follow my fit and feel rule. In most cases, a blouse that I wear to work can also be worn with an outfit I may wear for church, shopping or brunch with the girls. A nice blazer that I wear to a meeting can also be worn with a graphic t-shirt and midi skirt to the movies. Sneakers that I may wear with jeans can be paired with a cute summer dress. I even applied the fit and feel rule on my wedding day! I wore beautiful heels for my ceremony then changed into cute matching sneakers for my reception. No matter the occasion, I just like to make sure that I stay true to my overall style. I do that by making sure the majority of my clothing items not only fit and feel nice, but that they are stylish and have multiple uses.

How do you define your style? Do you base it off of how things fit and feel? Let me know in the comments below!


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