Details to Include on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding planning, besides checking the big things off your to-do list like picking a venue and deciding on the perfect dress, it’s important to think about those small details that will make your wedding day extra special. In today’s post, I want to highlight a few of the things that we included on our wedding day. Perhaps, these are things that you can think about incorporating for your upcoming nuptials.

Unique Attire
If you know my husband personally, you know that he’s into fashion just as much as I am. As a part of his gifts to his groomsmen, he decided to get them matching socks. I think the unexpected pop of purple added a really nice touch to their gray suits.

As the baby of the family, I’m really close to my parents. They are the ultimate role models and have been married for going on 39 years in June! To honor them, I included pictures of their wedding portrait in miniature frames and tied them around my bouquet. Including their picture was really important to me, as they serve as an example that with God, marriage can work!

Signs and Monogram
Our monogram was used on all of our signage to include wedding invitations, menus, programs, favor tags and table numbers. We wanted to incorporate our monogram into our décor so we had a professional one made that was displayed on the wall during the reception. Additionally, we had other signs that were beautifully designed by one of our wedding assistants.

Our seating chart was unique in that it was an actual picture from our engagement shoot. It was a nice way to personalize the chart and to display the names of our guests. Furthermore, we had guests sign our signature portrait so that we could frame it and display it in our home.

Our favors were mini bottles of sparkling cider. To make them look nice, my bridesmaids and I wrapped them in silver glitter tulle, tied them with purple ribbons and affixed personalized tags on them.

Table Décor/Lighting
If you haven’t noticed by now, our wedding colors were purple and silver. I wanted to incorporate as much as those colors as possible. All of our linens were purple. For our special tables (cake, gift, favor, etc.) we used sequin linens. Our centerpieces consisted of floating candle displays and flower arrangements. We also added crystals to each centerpiece to bring in some bling.

I really loved our lighting at the reception. It gave a regal purple glow to the entire room. The lighting especially looked beautiful behind our gorgeous cake!

DIY Photo Booth Area/Bridal Portrait
Guests were able to pose in front of our silver sequin backdrop and take pictures with the various props provided.

My bridal portrait was on display right beside our beautiful cake.

Sparkle Exit
I feel you should leave your wedding with just as much excitement as when you arrive. Some people ride off in a fabulous vintage car, while others take off in a helicopter (my cousin and her husband did this…it was absolutely amazing)! There are many things you can do to pull off a great exit. The choice is up to you.

We chose a sparkle exit. I’ve always loved the look, and it was one of my favorite parts of my wedding. Whatever you decide, make sure that your exit leaves a lasting impression!

*All pictures were taken by Ashleigh Crawley of Still Shots Photography


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