Bold Business Casual Attire

Blazer- Marshall’s; Similar
Tank- Old Navy
Pants- Anthropologie (Sold out online, check in store.); Similar
Handbag- TJ Maxx; Similar
Shoes- Dillard’s; Similar
Belt- Salvatore Ferragamo

Depending on what you do for work and the types of activities you’re involved in, there may be a time where you are required to dress a certain way. A type of dress code that I hear about often is the Business Casual Dress code. This particular way of dressing is one that I’m very familiar with, as I dress this way every week for work, church and important meetings.

Most of the time my outfits consist of neutrals like navy blue, black, white and gray. Lately however, I’ve been adding a bold statement piece to my attire. As you see in todays look, I decided to make a statement with my pants. These pants are bright blue and have several other colors around the bottom of the legs. Since the pants have such a bold pattern, I thought it would be best to keep things simple and go with black everywhere else. The black grounds the look, thus keeping things balanced. Swapping out the black tank for a white blouse would also make this look appealing. Additionally, wearing a white blazer instead of a black one would also work, especially in the spring and summer months.

How do you spruce up your business casual looks? Do you keep it simple, or do you choose clothing items with bold colors and patterns? Let me know in the comments below!


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