Travel: 5 Things You Must Do In Salt Lake City, Utah

I recently traveled to Salt Lake City, UT for a couples/friends trip. We had a really good time. It was so good to step away from my regular routine and just have some fun. If you ever plan on traveling to Utah, check out these five things I recommend you do.

1. Ski and Snowboard
On our first full day in Utah, we went to the Snowbasin Resort. The Snowbasin is a really nice resort that offers a ton of amenities to include shopping, childcare services, mountain tours and plenty of dining options. We spent the bulk of our time skiing and snowboarding. This was a first for me, as I had never done either. My husband and I decided to try snowboarding first. It was an interesting experience. I’m not too much of an outdoorsy type of girl, so honestly I was just proud of myself for trying something new.

I did get on the ski lift, which I’m happy about. I was a little reluctant at first because I’m afraid of heights, but I pushed through. Getting off the ski lift was a bit challenging. I knew it wouldn’t stop completely, but I was hoping we’d have more time than we did because we definitely fell and the lady had to stop the machine to help us lol. The best way that I can describe it is that as I tried to get off, my snowboard (which was attached to one foot) got caught between the bottom of the seat on the ski lift and the snow. After finally getting off the lift safely, I tried to get in the grove of snowboarding but it was short lived. I just decided to unstrap my feet and carry my snowboard as I walked down the slopes lol. Eric lasted much longer than I did. After snowboarding, we decided against skiing. Honestly, we should have attempted skiing first because I was told that it’s easier…maybe next time.

2. Shop
The girls and I got a chance to go shopping. We went to the City Creek Center mall in downtown Salt Lake City. It was a really nice mall that gives you that indoor/outdoor type of experience. The shopping center has the typical mall stores, but it was good to be able to go to a few that I don’t have in my city.

3. Spa
The girls and I also took some time to get pampered at the Sego Lily Spa in Bountiful, UT. I’m so glad we scheduled some time for relaxation. It was much needed. I got the 90-minute classic massage, and it was absolutely amazing! Shout out to Connie who was my massage therapist. She not only helped me to relax, but also educated me on the benefits of massage. The entire spa experience was great.

4. Eat
I enjoy trying new restaurants whenever I go to a new place. During our time in Utah, we ate at the Squatters Pub, Sakura Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi, Penny Ann’s Café and Brio.

5. Enjoy a game
The guys took some time to check out a few of the basketball games at the Vivint Arena during March Madness. They really enjoyed themselves.


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