Discovering New Places in Your City

Skirt- Anthropologie; Similar

Handbag- Amazon

Crop Top- Target

Vest- Thrifted

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to improve the picture quality on my blog. One of my blogging buddies gave me the information for her photographer, and soon after, I began working with her. We’ve been shooting for about a year now, and it’s been great! Normally we shoot in different areas downtown, and sometimes at the same events facility where I got married. Although I love shooting in the downtown area, it can often be very busy with cars everywhere, people staring or walking through photos and sometimes people giving their unsolicited advice.

For our last shoot, I wanted to try something different. We decided to go on a quiet street filled with cute shops and a few restaurants. I’ve been to this area many times over the years, but never to take pictures. It was the perfect change of scenery. We had such a great time shooting. It’s always good when you find a nice place to take pictures that you hadn’t considered before. I’m now inspired to find more areas locally and beyond for our shoots.

How often do you find new areas to explore in your city?


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