First Trimester Recap

Pictured here at 12.5 weeks.

If I had to describe my first trimester experience using one word, it would be challenging. It was challenging not only physically, but also mentally. The nausea was constant throughout the day. Although I did not experience vomiting, it felt like I needed to, but it just wouldn’t come. In addition to nausea, I was extremely fatigued for what seemed like all day, every day for the first 10-11 weeks. Even when I was in the worst shape, I’d never felt like this before.

Not only did I not feel well physically, the first trimester also took a toll on me mentally. In all honesty, it felt like someone went in my brain, changed up the wiring and made me someone else in certain ways. I hope that doesn’t sound dramatic, but that’s the best way I can describe it at this time. Not feeling well and the change in hormones definitely affected my mood. The things I typically enjoyed doing, all of a sudden I had no interest in doing. I love working on my blog, watching YouTube videos, shopping and going out to eat with my husband. It was strange that all of a sudden I didn’t really care if I did those things or not. I guess they just weren’t a priority. With much prayer, support from my family, close friends and my counselor, I realized that some of what I was experiencing was normal and I began to feel better the latter part of the first trimester.

2-Week Wait Symptoms




1st Trimester Symptoms


Swollen and tender breasts

Extreme fatigue

Changes in sense of smell


The smell of leather from my new purse made me sick to my stomach.

The smell of certain lotions and perfumes was too strong.

For various reasons, I no longer enjoyed Chinese food, Chipotle, eggs, most desserts, pineapple, oranges, and Zaxby’s.


My cravings consisted of Chickfila, fries from McDonald’s, 5 Guys, Cookout, Bojangles, pizza, pasta, hot dogs, green beans and collard greens.


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