Pregnancy Style

Blazer- Marshall’s

Jeans– Motherhood

Booties– DSW

To be honest, I haven’t really been impressed with clothing options for pregnant women. I feel like when shopping in store, the options are boring and pretty much non-existent. Even my local Target stores had a less-than impressive maternity selection. Places like Asos, H&M online, Amazon, GAP online and a few others have a much better variety of maternity styles. However, my preference as a pregnant woman is to actually try on items in store so I don’t have to buy multiple sizes online to see what fits best. I do realize though, that that’s not always practical these days since online shopping is becoming more popular.

My first pregnancy clothing purchase was a few pairs of jeans. Even as early as 8 weeks pregnant, my regular jeans began to feel uncomfortable rubbing against my belly. All of my jeans are from Motherhood Maternity and are pretty comfortable. Next up were undergarments. As my body began to grow in the first trimester, I needed to re-up on some more bras and underwear. I spent quite a bit of money trying to get the right fit, but I realize that with bras in particular you may have to buy a few sizes as your chest continues to grow. Additionally, I purchased 3 pregnancy camisoles and 3 long sleeve shirts from Amazon. I wear the camisoles daily under blouses and other types of tops.

Since I haven’t really seen too many items that I really like, I’ve been shopping my closet. Surprisingly, I’ve still been able to squeeze into some of my blouses and blazers even at close to 8 months pregnant. I’m very happy about that, as it has helped me save money and not spend frivolously on items I can only wear for a short period of time anyway. This has definitely been a blessing. With the expenses that come with having a child, for me, it just doesn’t make sense to put too much money in clothing that can’t be worn for an extended period of time.

At other times, I buy regular size clothing in larger sizes. Purchasing a size up has worked well and things have fit nicely. It makes me feel better knowing that after pregnancy, I can have my tailor adjust the fit, and my money hasn’t been wasted on something I can’t wear again or something I can’t wear until the next time we decide to have another baby.

These pictures were taken when I was around 5-5.5 months pregnant. The jeans are maternity from Motherhood Maternity and the blazer was purchased from Marshall’s in a regular size large. I really like the blazer. It doesn’t have any stretch so I know I wouldn’t be able to wear it buttoned now since I’m currently 7.5 months pregnant, but I could definitely wear it unbuttoned. Of course, after I deliver, I plan to get a lot more use out of it.

Overall, my preference when it comes to pregnancy fashion and style is to just size up in regular sizes when possible. The only clothing items that I feel are necessary for me to buy as a pregnant woman are maternity jeans/pants. Besides that, I can stick with regular sizes.

If you are pregnant or have been pregnant before, what are your thoughts? Do/did you prefer to buy maternity clothing or just size up in regular sizes? Let me know in the comments below!


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