10 Inspiring Influencers to Follow who are Mothers

*Pictured here at around 22 weeks.*

As I embark upon a new journey called motherhood in a few weeks, I can’t help but be inspired by so many talented women in the digital realm. These women are bloggers, YouTubers, business owners, influencers, and so much more. I admire them for various reasons. Not only do I like their stories, I find them interesting because they are doing things that I aspire to do; such as make a significant income blogging, having a successful YouTube channel, be a good wife, cook wonderful food, run a business, etc. These women are true examples that your life doesn’t end once you become a mom. Indeed, you can continue to achieve your goals and do the things you want to do, all while becoming stronger and more well rounded.

  1. Trina– @heytrinasmall

Trina is so down to earth. I’ve been following her for a while now, and I would definitely consider her the ultimate home girl. I look forward to checking her out on IG stories daily. She’s a wife, mom of 2 girls, and successful blogger and business owner of Supermom Culture @supermomculture.

  1. Mattie– @themattiejames

I’ve been reading Mattie’s blog for years! Her growth has been truly amazing and inspiring! Mattie is a wife and mom of 3. She is the ultimate influencer and entrepreneur. I’m convinced she is one of the most successful women in the digital space. Mattie has a passion for building her brand and business, while helping others do the same. She offers knowledge through her courses, workbooks, blog, podcast, YouTube channel and Facebook group. Her knowledge of working with brands and monetizing is unmatched.

  1. Dayna– @daynabolden

Dayna is dope on so many levels. She’s a wife, mom of 2 and true businesswoman. Her work ethic, style, hair, skin and content are top notch! I love the fact that when she commits to something, she goes all the way in. Her commitment to being successful in business and family is an inspiration.

  1. Kache’– @thisbyrdsnest

Kache’ is a wife and mom of 6 kids. I began following her on Instagram after seeing a special about her on the news. At the time, she and her husband had 3 children and were expecting triplets. Of course, I found her story to be interesting; in addition to learning that we attended the same college (Aggie Pride). I’ve been following her ever since. Kache’ has a natural God given gift of being a mother. She seems to tackle motherhood so well. I look forward to seeing what her and her kids are up to on her IG stories.

  1. Shalonda– @mrslonnn and @henandlonvlogs

Shalonda (Lon) is a wife and new mom to the cutest baby girl. I discovered her on YouTube where she vlogs with her husband Henry. They vlog about their daily life; including their latest travels, cooking and adjusting to parenthood.

  1. Anitra– @NitraaB

I discovered Nitra on YouTube years ago. Not only is she a wife and mom, but also she creates wonderful lifestyle, beauty and fashion content. Be sure to check her out on YouTube.

  1. Lexy– @fancylexy and @beautyfashblog

When I began reading blogs back in 2011, Lexy was one of the first people I discovered. She is a life, style and food blogger. Lexy has an effortless style and always looks so put together. Her skin, outfit, makeup and hair are always on point. Lexy is a wife and mother who makes the best foods and drinks for her family. She always throws the ultimate dinner parties.

  1. Vaughn– @msvaughntv

I discovered Vaughn on YouTube years ago. I’m convinced she is a “Jill of all trades”. She can cook, do hair, design a beautiful home and so much more. She’s a wife and mom, who seems to manage everything with ease, while staying fit at the same time.

  1. Meka– @hwthblog

Meka is a wife and mom of 4. She makes being a mom look effortless. I love how hands on she is with her kids, while balancing work, her blog and t-shirt business.

  1. Myleik– @myleik

Myleik is the ultimate businesswoman. A mom of 1 with one on the way, she is the owner of CurlBox. CurlBox is a hair subscription service for women with natural hair. It allows them to try several hair products for the price of one. Myleik is also the creator of the Mytaughtyou podcast and the host of the MTYretreat. She has impeccable work ethic and believes in doing everything with excellence.

Be sure to follow these women on social media. Trust me, you will definitely be inspired!


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  1. June 4, 2020 / 7:44 pm

    Thank you for this list! I am always looking for other blogs to follow, especially mom blogs.

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