3 Funny People to Follow on Instagram

I think I can speak for everyone when I say 2020 has been a whirlwind! We’re still dealing with a Pandemic that honestly may not be going away anytime soon. It’s so unfortunate that the United States as a whole hasn’t gotten it together yet, but I digress. So many other things have been happening. The lack of concern for black lives is sad. Unemployment, wedding cancelations and so much more, have impacted so many. Everyone’s lives have been changed and impacted in some way this year.

To take my mind off of everything on the news and some of the things we’re experiencing, I’ve turned to a few funny people on social media. It’s been said that laughter is like medicine, so I’ve been watching pretty much anybody who is funny. Iamzoie is hilarious! I’ve been following him for almost two years now. From his pole dancing, to his commentary on other videos he sees, everything he does is entertaining! I’ve been following KevOnStage for a few years now. A while ago my husband showed me a video of funny things that go on in the black church, and I could not stop laughing for like an hour. He also gives funny commentary to random videos across the Internet. Another thing I like about him is his love for his wife and sons. Most recently, I discovered Leslie Jordan. He’s played different roles on various TV shows over the years. He refers to himself as your “gay uncle”. He seems like such a nice and funny man.

Do you follow any funny people on Instagram? Are there others you would suggest? Let me know in the comments below!


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