5 Podcasts I Enjoy Listening To

One thing I enjoy doing is listening to podcasts. Podcasts have grown in popularity over the years. They kind of remind me of blog posts, but instead of being in front of your computer reading them, you’re able to listen to them on a device from the comfort of your car, home, etc. I often find myself listening to my favorite podcasts while I’m cleaning around the house. It makes me feel good when I can get two things done at one time. My current podcasts interests are from powerful female influencers and entrepreneurs. Check them out below!

Mamas on the Move

Moms Brandi and Keisha are boss moms whose mission is to uplift, motivate and inspire while juggling it all.

Mytaughtyou by Myleik Teele

Myleik is an entrepreneur and CEO of curlBox. She gives insight and shares what she has learned in life and business so that you can avoid learning the “hard way”.

The Fearless Podcast with Arian Simone

Arian is a best selling author, international speaker, co-founder and investor. On her podcast she brings a fearless and inspirational discussion about culture, faith, self-care, and entrepreneurship.

The Mattie James Podcast

Mattie is the ultimate businesswoman. On her podcast she shares her experiences about blogging and working with brands. She also gives weekly advice on her Instagram Lives teaching influencers how to get paid top dollars by brands.

Nicole Walters

Nicole is an income strategist and entrepreneur. Her podcast is for the everyday entrepreneur who needs help learning how to increase their income. If that’s you, check her out.


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