Foods I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Throughout my pregnancy and these last few weeks as a mother, I’ve enjoyed eating all the foods! My desire for certain foods that I couldn’t eat in the 1st trimester has just about come back. My husband usually cooks breakfast on the weekends, and I’ve really been enjoying it. I’m able to eat eggs again, which is exciting. I’m also back to eating oranges and pineapple and have enjoyed meals at Chipotle and Zaxby’s.

We’ve had family and friends bring by food these last few weeks, and it’s been wonderful! From chicken parmesan, to shrimp pasta, to pound cakes and more, we’ve enjoyed it all! In our first few weeks as new parents, things have been difficult. Not having to worry about planning meals and cooking definitely lightens the load. It is truly a blessing to have great people in our lives that show love and support. We are so grateful!


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