Why I Joined the #ConsistencyChallenge with Mattie James

If you are into blogging and growing as an influencer, you should know who Mattie James is. I discovered Mattie years ago when I began reading blogs. Over the years, she has grown from a stylish fashion blogger to a successful influencer and businesswoman. She’s a wife and mom of three who enjoys sharing things she loves and has made a business out of it. Additionally, she teaches influencers how to pitch brands to get the money they want and deserve. Mattie is a force to be reckoned with, and I admire her for talent and business acumen.

In May she started the #consistencychallenge. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage influencers to grow and be consistent with their content. I joined because I really want to step it up with my blog/site. A goal of mine is to have Meet Marquita be a successful business that brings in a substantial income. My site is currently a hub for all things Marquita, and my blog is an extension of that. I plan to expand by offering services and selling digital and physical products, among other things. I know that in order to get there, I need to really treat Meet Marquita as more of a business that I work everyday, as opposed to an expensive hobby that I work on every so often. One way to get to where I want to be is to discipline myself and strengthen my “consistency muscle”. Taking part in Mattie’s #consistencychallenge will help me get to where I want to be.

The challenge for the month of May was to post to our Instagram daily, sharing high quality content that keeps our audiences engaged. I’m proud to share that I completed May’s challenge successfully without missing a day, even while giving birth at the end of the month. The challenge for July is to be consistent with the content we own, which is our blog content. Having blog content that last longer than social media content, allows one to command more when it comes to negotiating deals with brands. Also, blog content offers more value especially when you talk about things that will always be relevant year after year. Our task is to post to our blogs once a day Monday-Friday (July 6th-July 31st) only (20 days total). I have to admit that this has been no easy feat. We’re on the second week and it has definitely been a challenge. I’ve never blogged this much in a month, but I know that this exercise sets the tone for what I can continue to do after this is over.

Are you taking part in the challenge? Share your experience below!


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