Recognizing the A&T Four

Today we recognize the courageous and brave college students from North Carolina A&T State University who integrated an all white lunch counter at a Woolworth store in Greensboro, NC. On February 1, 1960, these four young men decided to take a seat, so that we as a people can stand. We honor them for being trailblazers and for contributing to black history in a positive way.

On December 11, 2021 I attended the commencement at North Carolina A&T State University. My mom celebrated her golden anniversary (50 years) and I went to support. The graduation speaker was Mr. Michael S. Regan, an American Environmental regulator and alumnus of NC A&T. He gave a wonderful speech, talking about his experience as a student at A&T, and how others before him, including the A&T four, paved the way for him to become the first black man to be appointed as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He charged the graduates and audience to stand up and be counted. He also posed the question, “What will your lunch counter moment be?”

Listening to Mr. Regan’s speech made me think about my life’s purpose and what I want my lunch counter moment to be. After much thought, I realized that I’d like to leave a legacy for generations to come. Besides being a nice person, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt and friend, I will reach millions of women through Meet Marquita; inspiring them to manifest, monetize and make an impact through life and style. I will also leave room for anything that God has for me that I may not yet recognize or know about.

As you go throughout your day, take some time to be still and think. Think about what type of influence you want to have on others and the impact you want to have.

Do you know what your lunch counter moment will be? Let me know in the comments below.

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