My Favorite Braided Hair Styles

When it comes to my hair, I don’t like to do much to it. I’m a lazy natural, and I often like to wear my hair in protective styles. Two styles that I’ve really been enjoying lately are knotless braids and feed-in braids. I’ve had both styles twice. Every now and then, I want something long, so knotless braids are my go-to. When I want a more casual laid back style, I get the feed-in cornrows. Besides giving me a different look, which I like, both styles have added benefits. By wearing my hair in braids, I’m able to pretty much be maintenance free when it comes to styling my hair on a daily basis. Depending on how long I decide to keep the braids in, my daily routine can be as simple as putting on a bonnet at night, and taking it off in the morning to add oil to my scalp or edge control on my edges.

Another plus about wearing braids is that your hair is protected. Braids are a low manipulation style, which lessens damage and promotes growth (as long as they aren’t installed too tightly). Wearing braids also allows for a temporary carefree lifestyle. Braids are ideal for people who are very busy with little to no time to do their hair, as well as people who work out.

What kinds of braided styles do you wear? Have you tried knotless braids or feed-in braids?

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