Two Reasons Why You Should Add a Brandon Blackwood Bag to Your Collection

I don’t want to let Black History Month end without highlighting one of my new favorite black-owned businesses. If you haven’t heard of Brandon Blackwood, where have you been? I was first introduced to Brandon Blackwood a while ago when I saw an influencer on Instagram wear one of his ESR bags. I loved that the bag not only made a statement, but also sent an important message. As time passed, I began to see more influencers wearing his designs.

  1. High Quality, Unique Designs

When the Kendrick trunk was introduced, I knew I had to have one. It was love at first sight. The shape, size, versatility and variations of colors and textures made the purse appealing to me. I didn’t have anything like the Kendrick at that time, so I knew it would be a great addition. When I received it in the mail, I couldn’t wait to unbox it. From the packaging, to the actual handbag, the quality is top tier! I was and still am thoroughly impressed! The leather smells amazing and the black and white checkerboard pattern is beautiful. I love a black and white combo. The bag is going to go so nicely with pretty much any color I wear. I also hope to add the purple croc embossed leather, the hot pink and burnt orange leather, and the tan lizard embossed leather trunks. I also think the vanity purse is absolutely beautiful. I love that the hardware is 24K gold plated. How amazing is that? In addition to handbags, Brandon Blackwood also sells outerwear, shoes and accessories.

  1. Support Black-Owned Brands

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m an advocate for supporting black-owned businesses, as I’ve featured many on this platform. As a handbag lover, I’ve spent lots of money on beautiful bags from big brands. It warms my heart to know that one of my new favorites is black-owned. I look forward to supporting the Brandon Blackwood brand more in the future, as well as other black owned businesses that sell bags and other goods.

Have you added a Brandon Blackwood bag to your collection? If so, let me know your thoughts. If not, I encourage you to shop the brand. Also, share any black-owned handbag or accessories companies that you’d like to highlight.

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