God Knows What We Need

During the early months of the Pandemic in 2020, there was an exposure that impacted our family. My dad and I ended up quarantined together for about 3-4 weeks. The first week I was actually there as his caregiver while my mom was out of town. However, while she was en route to return home, the world shut down because of Covid. As a result, my dad and I were together for an additional three weeks.

I was scared, recently laid off from my job, in my last trimester of pregnancy and needed to be the full time caregiver for my dad until he was able to reunite with my mom. It was tough dealing with the uncertainties of Covid. However, that time spent with him was and always will be special to me. We stayed up late on Face Time. I’d be chatting with my hubby, while he and mom were talking for hours about some of everything. That period of time was the longest they had ever been apart in over 40 years of marriage. We handled business, scheduled naptime, watched TV until we fell asleep and ate all the foods (takeout galore)! I tried to cook something that tasted decent, but it didn’t even come close to what mom would cook for him. She had him spoiled with all those good homemade meals. (Cooking is not my greatest strength or desire, and I’m okay with that. LoL. God blessed me in other ways.)

Time spent with him one on one like that would be our last, as God called him home right before the year ended. Even though I will always be heartbroken, I find so much joy from that experience. It’s not often that we get a lot of alone time with our parents as we become adults and start our own families, but God knew what was on the horizon, and He knew what I needed.

Maybe you’re in a situation that seems uncertain, scary, random or things just didn’t go as scheduled. Trust that nothing is ever lost, and no experience is ever wasted. There is always something to learn, something of value that results from circumstances and always something and/or someone to appreciate. You may recognize it in the moment, or you may look back and realize it later. Either way, it’s important to be thankful for the times when things go as planned and when they don’t. Be thankful for the blessings and the lessons. Believe that everything is happening for you, and not to you and always trust that God knows what you need!

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