Zihuatanejo, Mexico

This past Spring my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Zihuatanejo, Mexico to celebrate the wedding of such a deserving couple. Zihuatanejo, commonly referred to as Zihua, is in the western part of Mexico located on the pacific coast. We stayed at the Casa Angelina, a beautiful villa with breathtaking views. The villa has six suites, an epic infinity pool, living room and lots of other amenities. Staying in a villa like Casa Angelina is definitely unlike anything I’ve experienced before. We were assigned a suite with an open concept, indoor and outdoor area. The shower, sinks and water closet were essentially outside, which was very cool, until it was time to use the restroom at 3am ha-ha. I’ve never showered in an open area, but it’s one thing I immediately added and checked off my bucket list.

The staff was kind and accommodating, ensuring we had everything we needed. I especially enjoyed the chef, who was absolutely amazing! I tend to sometimes be a picky eater, but I tried almost everything he made, and really enjoyed it. I’m proud to say that I’ve expanded my horizons and my palette.

We didn’t do much exploring in Zihua, but we did have dinner at Angustina Mezal and Cocina, as well as food and drinks on the beach at the Thompson Hotel. The majority of our time, however, was spent at the Casa Angelina, which served as the most amazing venue. Traveling to Zihuatanejo was an experience of a lifetime. I definitely recommend it if you’re thinking about traveling to Mexico anytime soon.

Have you been to Zihua? If so, how was your experience?


*A note for those afraid of animals.

As with most resorts, there were quite a few crawly creatures in the area. Geckos were everywhere. If you’re an animal lover, you probably won’t mind. However, if you’re afraid of most animals like me, it may cause a bit of anxiety. Of course seeing them outside is normal, but they were also in the common indoor/open areas. Several got into our bathroom, which was not too surprising since the suite assigned to us was an open concept. On the last night, one got in our room, which was a bit frightening. We also spotted a scorpion and a few bats during our stay. The experience was quite the adventure!


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