3 Reasons Why You Should Honor the Promises You Make to Yourself

The start of a new year is a time to realize and set goals for the next 12 months. Each year I reflect on what I want to accomplish, with the intention of doing the work to see it through. While I do knock out some goals, I have to be honest and say that sometimes things just get pushed to the back burner. Life is busy. I haven’t quite mastered how to juggle all the things while still making time to work on personal goals for myself. However, I recognize that it’s just as important for me to do the things I love and enjoy, as it is to be a great wife and mom. After all, if I’m not good to myself, I can’t be my best to and for others. It’s time to honor the promises I make to myself by putting me first. I encourage you to do the same.

You matter

One reason why you should honor the promises you make to yourself is because you matter. It’s that simple. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day, take the time to do something just for you. That amount of time may seem insignificant at first, but little by little, you may be able to increase it. No matter what, do what works for you. Progress is better than perfection.

Your life is more than the hats you wear

As a wife, mom, employee and more, I seem to always have a jam-packed schedule. The more my responsibilities increase, the more my priorities change and the next thing I realize is that my dreams suddenly shifted from the top of the list, to the bottom. However, your goals and dreams shouldn’t become less important because you’re a mom, they should become more important. Going after your dreams shows your child that you are well-rounded, hardworking, and more than the “roles and titles” you wear. Let your little one get to know who you are beyond being a mom.

Fulfill your God given purpose

All of us are here for a reason and a purpose. God doesn’t just give us dreams for us to not do anything with them. The desires you have are important because you are important. Whatever you want to do was put in your heart for a reason. Honor God and yourself by prioritizing those things.

How are you honoring the promises you make to yourself?

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