Modern Conveniences I’m Enjoying During The Pandemic

Now that I’m a new mom, my time for a lot of things is limited. I used to plan time to go grocery shopping and pick up lunch while running errands, amongst other things. With little sleep and even less energy to do much more than take care of my son and myself, I’ve tried a few services that have made things easier.

I had never ordered groceries online, until this time. In fact, I haven’t stepped foot in the grocery store since March. I sometimes miss it, but I love the convenience of ordering groceries from the comfort of my home. It’s amazing being able to just drive up to the store and have someone put your groceries in your car for you. This is so helpful because I don’t want to waste a lot of time completing that task. Also, avoiding a trip to the store is in the best interest of my family, since the virus is still rampant.

When I’m home during the day taking care of my son, I don’t always have time to fix lunch. It’s so great to be able to hop on my phone and use an app like Door Dash or Uber Eats to have lunch delivered. Oftentimes, I plan my pumping sessions and my son’s naps around lunch. Last week I needed my car serviced. I was due for an oil change and a state inspection. With Covid still going on, the dealership offered to come and pick up my car, service it and bring it back. That was such a blessing that I didn’t have to go out and risk exposing my family to any germs. I loved being able to stay home and continue my routine while simultaneously getting things situated with my car. Lastly, using banking apps to make deposits has been so helpful!

What conveniences have you enjoyed during this time?


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